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 Mafia Wars Property Buying Guide
       -Originally written for Mafia Wars on Facebook

This guide uses a spreadsheet to determine which property is the best buy for you at the time based on your current property values. It will help you compute which property will produce the most income for your money that you have available.

You'll need to DOWNLOAD THE SPREADSHEET, then EDIT on your computer.
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How to Use The Spreadsheet:

  • Step 1 Fill In Undeveloped Space COST

    In Mafia Wars go to your Properties page. Look at your costs on Undeveloped Space and enter those cost from your game into the spreadsheet.

    Step 1 Picture

  • Step 2 Double Check Quantity OWNED

    The spreadsheet will calculate your quantity owned.  You can double check to make sure the quantities match what your Mafia Wars shows.

    Step 2 Picture

  • Step 3 Fill In Properties COST

    Look at your current cost for each Property and input that amount into the spreadsheet.

    Step 3 Picture

  • Step 4 Earn Money

    Exhaust all of your resources(energy & stamina) to earn as much money as you can from jobs and attacking/robbing.

  • Step 5 See How Much Money You Have Available

    After you are done earning cash, get a total that you have available to spend on property.    (Remember to check your bank!)

  • Step 6 Find Highest Percentage Return

    Look in Column H for the HIGHEST percentage return that you have the ability to buy. (ie: Do you have enough $$ or mafia, etc.)

    Step 6 Picture

  • Step 7 Scroll Right To Find The Quantity You Can Buy

    In the spreadsheet, scroll to the right and find out how many of the properties you can buy for the money that you have available.

    Step 7 Picture

  • Step 8 Ummm... Buy 'em.

    Yeah....ehh... don't forget to actually buy the undeveloped space and/or properties now!

** If you have money left, start the process over!

Google Docs Download:     Click  File >   Export >   choose format
      Download Now   updated 2009 / 02 / 04



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